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SkySuperMarket is the big adverts site of Aviazione Leggera On Line.
In this electronic market you can find all adverts related to sport aviation.

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1 GENERAL AVIATION AIRCRAFTS Motorglider, Sailplane For sale Purchase
Acrobatic, Anphibious, Biplane, Pluri engine, Replica, Seaplane, Single engine For sale Purchase
Gyrocopter, Helicopter For sale Purchase
2 ULTRALIGHTS Glider, Motorglider For sale Purchase
Paramotor, Trike For sale Purchase
Acrobatic, Anphibious, Biplane, Replica, Seaplane, Three-axis For sale Purchase
Gyroplane, Helicopter For sale Purchase
3 NON ... FLYING AIRCRAFTS Incomplete aircrafts, broken aircrafts, building kits, contructions projects, aircraft pieces For sale Purchase
4 ENGINE Engines, exhausts, replacement parts, components For sale Purchase
Propellers, ogives, accessories For sale Purchase
5 INSTRUMENTS and ACCESSORIES Fixed or portable GPS receivers For sale Purchase
Radios, hearphones, interphones, antennas For sale Purchase
Various instruments, ballistic parachutes, etc. For sale Purchase
6 HANGARS Hangars, park rental, various equipments for airfield For sale Purchase
7 VARIOUS STUFF Clothing, books, accessories and various equipments For sale Purchase